Use A Free Challenge To Monetize Your Blog

Looking for a way to grow your email list AND make money at the same time?  Look no further than a free email challenge!

Wait, what?

You might be asking, "How do I make money by promoting something that is free?"

Let me tell you, it is possible.  And it is awesome!

Here it is, in a nutshell (oh, and if you'd like the FULL PDF special report on how to do this, you can get it absolutely free by requesting access to my private resource library.  Just click on that button below).

Okay, so here is the short version on how this works.

1.  You devise a 15 to 30 day email challenge on how to do something that your audience wants to know.

2.  You set up the challenge to go out automatically through your email autoresponder.

3.  You set up a "thank you" page with an offer to receive the entire challenge all at once for a fee.

4.  You place a "buy now" button on the thank you page below the offer.

5.  If your customer purchases, they receive automatic delivery of the entire challenge.

6.  If your customer does not purchase, they receive one piece of content daily for free.

Curious?  Get the full report on how to monetize your own free email challenge by clicking on the button below (it is inside my private resource library...and it's free!)