How can styled stock photography help your business?


Hey Everyone!  So, have you been admiring all those other blogs and websites that seem to have all of the beautiful photos?  You've been seeing pretty Pinterest pins and Facebook ads, and you've been wondering where those gorgeous photos of styled desktops and flatlay designs are coming from?  More importantly, are you wondering how these pretty images, known as styled stock photography, can help your business?

Here are a few good reasons to start using styled stock photos for your business:

1.  They make you look professional.

Let's face it. In most cases, professionally created styled stock photography is just plain better than what most people can create themselves.  Yes, given the time and equipment, you probably could create something nice.  But where your brand is concerned, I say leave it to the pros.  

Which leads us to #2 below.

2.  They free up your time.

You are a busy entrepreneur.  You don't really have the time to shop for props and equipment, set up a photo shoot, edit the images, etc.  Instead, you can spend a few minutes selecting a professionally styled stock photo, head over to Canva, place your text or product image on it, and have it up on your blog in no time flat.  

Instead of focusing on creating photos, spend your time focusing on serving clients, creating awesome content, and making money!

3.  You can use them for more than just blogs. 

There are soooo many great uses for beautiful styled stock photos!  Here are just a few:

- ebook covers
- physical products (books, business cards, brochures)
- Facebook posts (posts with images are more engaging)
- Pinterest pins
- Instagram
- Facebook cover images
- Facebook ads
- Twitter cover images
- YouTube channel art
- Custom buttons for your website
- Opt-in pages
- Landing pages
- Thank you pages
- And many more!

See what I mean?  You can use styled stock photos for every aspect of your brand and business.

4.  One image can be used several ways.

Did you know there are multiple uses for just one styled stock image?  Depending on how you crop it, you can create several different images from just one photo.  More bang for your buck!

5.  Use them for your products!

If you are creating courses and ebooks (which I hope you are!), then styled stock photos are your best friend.  Use them for your presentation slides, your ebooks, your videos...anything you are creating!

So, as you can see, styled stock photography can be a great help for you and your business.  Are you just getting started and need some free styled stock photos?  Click on the link below for my free set of 7 images.  




Free Styled Stock Photos

free styled stock images

Hey ya'll!  I'm so excited to offer you my brand-new FREE styled stock photos!  Styled stock photography is all the rage, and for good reason.  Nothing helps you create beautiful ads, product images, and branding better than gorgeous, colorful styled stock images!  

Feel free to use these free styled stock photos any way you'd like with no restrictions.  Use 'em on your blog, website, business cards, brochures, pins, Facebook ads...anywhere!

They only thing you CAN'T do is give them away or sell them.  Please only use them for your own business use.

Use your favorite photo editor to place your own text or product images however you'd like.  

How do you get them?  They are available in my free resource library.  Click below!

The Quick Start Guide To Online Course Creatio

Get Access To My Private Resource Library Here

Hi There!

Back in 2004, I taught myself to use Dreamweaver and created my first website.  Within the first year, I was able to replace my day-job income as an elementary teacher-librarian, and the next year, I quadrupled that income.  Making that money was a dream come true for many reasons, mostly because it allowed me to stay home with my baby daughter (and later, my second daughter!).

How was I able to do it?

By creating and selling online courses.

By far, creating and selling your very own online course is one of the most profitable things you can do (and besides, it's fun!)

Right now, there is an audience of people actively searching online for something that YOU know how to do.  By sharing your knowledge and passions through an online course, you are not only helping them, but making a nice (passive) income to boot.  Can't beat that, right?

So, without further ado, here is my quick start guide to creating an online course.

1.  Know Your Audience.  

REALLY know them.  As a matter of fact, create an avatar of your ideal client or customer.  What is their age, sex, marital status, number of children, annual income, profession, level of education, etc.?  What are their hopes and dreams?  What transformation do they want to undergo?

2.  Pinpoint your audience's biggest problem (or one of their biggest problems)

What are they worried about?  What keeps them up at night?  What is the one question that they ask over and over?  What do they wish someone would show them how to do?  

Not sure?  Ask them!  Send a survey to your list, put it on your blog, and post it on social media.  Use the answers that you get to create the modules of your course.  Check out to get started.

3.  Come up with a step-by-step solution to their problem.

Get them from point A to point B, describing each step of the process.  Get specific.

4.  Create your course.  

This can be as simple as a PDF ebook, or as involved as a full video course.  The choice is up to you.  For video courses, take a look at screen recording software such as Camtasia, and then host your course online with services such as .

5.  Launch your course, or create an evergreen funnel to sell it 'round the clock.

You can do a full launch to your email list, or if you'd rather sell your course 24/7, create a funnel that sells it for you with an automated webinar and Facebook ads.  Nothing like making money while you sleep! :)

Do you have a great idea for an online course?  I'd love to help you create it!  My Online Course Creator can help you get going.  Creating online courses has been the best thing I've ever done for my business, and I know it can do the same for you.

What questions do you have about online course creation?  Let me know in the comments.

Use A Free Challenge To Monetize Your Blog

Looking for a way to grow your email list AND make money at the same time?  Look no further than a free email challenge!

Wait, what?

You might be asking, "How do I make money by promoting something that is free?"

Let me tell you, it is possible.  And it is awesome!

Here it is, in a nutshell (oh, and if you'd like the FULL PDF special report on how to do this, you can get it absolutely free by requesting access to my private resource library.  Just click on that button below).

Okay, so here is the short version on how this works.

1.  You devise a 15 to 30 day email challenge on how to do something that your audience wants to know.

2.  You set up the challenge to go out automatically through your email autoresponder.

3.  You set up a "thank you" page with an offer to receive the entire challenge all at once for a fee.

4.  You place a "buy now" button on the thank you page below the offer.

5.  If your customer purchases, they receive automatic delivery of the entire challenge.

6.  If your customer does not purchase, they receive one piece of content daily for free.

Curious?  Get the full report on how to monetize your own free email challenge by clicking on the button below (it is inside my private resource library...and it's free!)